Using Digital Genealogy

A later Hanoverian London business family under a materiarch's hand

oday abbat nelson pt1.gif

A re-assessment of the presentation of the Nelson-Haxell business, family, kin group and the analysis of the history of the family that flows from it is possible due to the products and outputs of digitised genealogy. These have only become apparent in recent years and are still changing.

For instance, the digitisation of London records and national records mean that simple searches of and The National Archives can pull out the records that are most likely to connect to Mr Nelson. Obversly the poor quality 1841 census means that the Nelson family units are difficult to extract from the data systems.

Time to journey a bit farther into what digitised genealogy draws out for Digital Genealogy to engage with?

Digital Genealogy as a generative tool asks: why skip over Brighton?

Digital Genealogy's ability to be interpretative highlights geospatiality and temporality.